Imagine bathing in vibrations. Good vibrations. Created by instruments, tools, and vocals with an ethereal and soothing quality. You’re lying down comfortably in a room. Or outdoors. Possibly by yourself or with others. The waves of sound wash over you as the world begins to fall away.

You forget where you are, who you are, whatever worries or problems may have been on your mind. Your tension eases. Your pain fades away. You feel weightless, between flying and floating in water. And in this state, you exist. Effortlessly. When the sound bath is over, you ease back into reality feeling refreshed with a newfound clarity on the world and your place in it. It’s as if someone pressed the reset button on your mind, body, and soul.



  • relieves stress

  • alleviates tension

  • lowers blood pressure

  • improves sleep

  • decreases migraines, aches, and pains

  • increases focus and clarity

  • reduces anxiety

  • boosts energy and mood



Good vibes for all.

You are welcome here.

You deserve to heal.

Time to recharge your soul.

Empathic · Intuitive

Inclusive · Accessible

For people and animals from all walks of life.

Individuals, couples, pets, and groups are welcome.


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“So relaxing, I went to a different place and when it was over. I felt very calm, peaceful and relaxed. And living in LA, that doesn't really happen...ever! I would strongly recommend Lake Lady's Sonorous Sound Healing, freakin’ fantastic!!!”

“Lake Lady’s peaceful presence and grace-filled playing of her crystal bowls carried my elderly parents into a much needed relaxed and restful state that helped them to replenish after a stressful week of travel and commitments.”

“I had a great time in the sound bath, I was very relaxed and invigorated at the end of the session! Beautiful tranquil sounds!”